Two days with Bob Burns, creator of the renowned SWAN PROTOCOL
Two days with Bob Burns, creator of the renowned SWAN PROTOCOL


Fully certificated one to one training in the renowned SWAN PROTOCOL is included in the mentoring sessions



Bob Burns offers, what he believes, is a unique one to one opportunity in the UK.

In his therapy rooms in Montrose Bob holds a TWO DAY (and evenings) mentoring programme for hypnotherapists who have had some training but are perhaps stuck in certain areas.

Those areas range through a wide spectrum and often include:

• Problems with running an actual practice, such as anxiety or uncertainty within themselves

• The need for training in how to run an initial consultation

• Problems with responsiveness tests, testing for hypnosis and indeed HOW to actually induce well

• What to do when their current model of hypnosis does NOT seem to work

The student is brought into the therapy room where they experience real life cases, which may range from the consultation to a standard session or perhaps someone calling back for a treatment on another challenge.

There might also be a 'stop smoking' session or a weightloss session (including the Virtual Gastric Band).

In his therapy room Bob Burns reveals his own finely honed model of hypnosis:

'The student gets to witness genuine, live sessions and my standard procedures are all revealed to them. No doubt, indeed hopefully, they will see problematic cases and how I deal with them e.g. what do you do when the client does NOT go into hypnosis no matter what? Well... that's great! I really do believe that it's only proper that I am seen to be as human as any other therapist. But they get to see what I then DO about that in order that they can handle such challenges in future sessions of their own.'

During the two day period in the therapy room the student may be asked to perform an induction on a real life client in Bob's presence.

At the end of the period the student leaves with complete handouts of all procedures and full certification.

To enable as many therapists as possible to benefit from this rewarding experience, mentoring is available for £800 (eight hundred pounds) which includes full B&B, lunch and dinner.

Book now through our online shop and Bob will contact you within 24 hours to make arrangements or if you want to know more before you book contact Bob now.